For two decades The Yard Barbours have continuously aimed at providing our customers what they need. Our services include; Landscapes, Hardscapes, Irrigation and Chemical Turf Management, Arbor Care, and mowing services.  Please read below for further information on our services.


For more than 20 years, The Yard Barbours have been one of Central Indiana’s premier companies for landscaping services. From landscape design and installation to maintenance and beyond, we’re the team that has the both the expertise and the passion get the job done right. It’s easy to see why our clients have trusted us for so many years to help them look their best.

No project is too big or small. Our in house landscape designers offer unique personalized services, ensuring you and your property is treated with the attention to detail that we’re famous for.

Our generous payment plans mean your dream is within reach.


Our experienced team of hardscape experts can make that project you saw on HGTV a reality in your own back yard…without the headache! From patios and outdoor living spaces to garden pathways, we have the resources to turn your dreams into a reality that fits every budget. Our unique landscape designs can feature beautiful boulders and stone which not only enhance the look and feel of your landscape they are sure to make a statement.

Irrigation and Chemical Turf Management

Every lawn thrives on two things, water and good nutrients. With Indiana’s often unpredictable weather, it takes special skills to ensure each and every lawn receives the water and nutrients it needs. No two lawns are alike which is why we provide highly individualized assessments, soil testing and treatment plans to ensure each lawn gets exactly what it needs, even in a rapidly changing climate.

Our certified technicians have the training and the experience to ensure your lawn always looks its best. We pride ourselves in being able to solve even the toughest turf management problems. From needing an irrigation system installation or repair, pests to fungi we have you covered!

Most importantly we ensure our irrigation services and chemical turf management use only the highest quality of materials.

In addition to designing and installing irrigation systems we also provide service and repair using name brand Hunter and Rain Bird parts and systems.

Arbor Care

An oft over looked but exceptionally important aspect of a comprehensive landscape and lawn plan includes ensuring and protecting the health of your shrubs and trees.

Our certified technician is the only one in Central Indiana to be trained in treating and preventing the Emerald Ash bore among many other pests and tree disease.

In addition to trouble shooting diseases our Arbor Care programs also offer growth regulators and antibiotics as well as a full range of options to ensure the health and longevity of your trees.

Mowing Services

With our mowing services you get more than “the boy next door”. Our teams of highly trained professionals ensure that your turf always looks its best. We provide a comprehensive mowing service that also acts as a first line of defense against turf and landscape problems. Our Mowing crews are trained to spot problem areas and report those to the office, which means we can help you spot turf disease before it gets worse. Our teams work hard to ensure the turf length is appropriate for the turf type and irrigation/chemical management plans.